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Research Opportunities



Non-thesis graduate students have the opportunity to take up to 6 credits of Direct Independent Study towards their elective requirements and will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members conducting research.

Thesis graduate students works closely with a faculty member on an extensive research project that culminates in a scholarly paper.  Only students with strong writing skills who are capable of doing a substantial independent research project should choose the thesis track. The thesis track gives graduate students the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

Areas for Research and Faculty

  • Stem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering
    • Dr. Keith Brew
  • Cellular Reprograming, Development and Aging
    • Dr. Ewa Wojcikiewicz
  • Immunity, Parasitology and Infectious Disease
    • Dr. Andrew Oleinikov
    • Dr. Yoshimi Shibata
  • Computational and Systems Biology
    • Dr. Zhongwei Li
  • Global Health and Epidemiology

Last Modified 6/14/18