Master's Degree in Biomedical Science

The Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine offers graduate education programs that provide students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to engage the forefront of basic, applied, and translational research or to continue their studies toward professional degrees in the health sciences.

Students interested in pursuing advanced studies in biomedical science may obtain a Master's Degree in Biomedical Science, taking the thesis, or non-thesis option.

The thesis option is oriented towards those students interested in pursuing biomedical research careers in industry or academia and can provide a stepping stone to the Ph.D. degree. The non-thesis option is designed for students seeking in-depth exposure to biomedical science or to solidify their knowledge base in preparation for a broad range of career options, including further study in professional schools.

The degree requires 30 credits. Current courses that may be used toward this degree are listed below. Any course not included on this list must be approved by the college's graduate committee if it is to be used to satisfy degree requirements. Student are required to attend 5 seminar series lectures. Please see the Biomedical Master's Guide for detailed program requirements.

Graduate Level Courses


Advanced Immunology PCB 6236
Advanced Virology MCB 6506
Bioinformatics BSC 6458 C
Biomedical Science
Reproductive Endocrinology PCB 6804
Physiology of the Heart PCB 6885
Introduction to Radiation Biology BSC 6834
Developmental Neurobiology PSB 5515
Molecular Biology of the Cardiovascular System and Cardiac Disease PCB 6705
RNA Biology and Diseases PCB 6525
Brain Diseases: Mechanism and Therapy BMS 6736
Directed Independent Studies PCB 6905
Master's Thesis PCB 6971
Advanced Cell Physiology PCB 6207
Autonomic Function and Diseases PCB 6523
Molecular Neuropsychopharmacology GMS 6735
Macromolecules and Human Disease GMS 6301
Biomedical Science Topics 1 PCB 6933
Tumor Immunology PCB 6239
Graduate Seminars PCB 6934
Host Defense & Inflammation MCB 6208
Clinical Microbiology PCB 6933
Adult Neurogenesis PCB 6848
Molecular Basis of Disease & Therapy GMS 6302
Molecular Genetics of the Cell GMS 6220
Molecular Basis of Human Cancer PCB 6235
Problem-based Immunology PCB 6238
Fundamentals of General Pathology BMS 6601
Integrated Morphology 1 BMS 6102C
Integrated Morphology 2 BMS 6104C
Biochemistry of the Gene BCH 5415
Advanced Biochemistry BCH 6740
Complex Systems
Cognitive Neuroscience ISC 5465
Biological Vision PSB 5117
Neuroscience I & II PSB 6345, PSB 6346
Principles of Neuroscience PSB 6037

Undergraduate Courses (A maximum of 6 credits may be taken)


Biology of Cancer BSC 4806
Human Physiology PCB 4702
Immunology PCB 4233
Medical Bacteriology MCB 4203
Molecular Genetics PCB 4522
Molecular and Cell Biology PCB 4023
Virology MCB 4503
Biomedical Ethics PHI 4633
Psychopharmacology PSB 4444

Course Descriptions

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