Message from the Director

Michelle Lizotte-Waniewski, Ph.D., Director of Student Success and Wellness, Associate Professor in the Department of Integrated Medical Science at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, is a member of the Editorial Review Boards for the MedEd Portal and the Team Based Learning Collaborative. Dr. Lizotte-Waniewski also serves as an abstract reviewer for the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Medical Colleges.

Prior to joining Florida Atlantic University in 2009, Dr. Lizotte-Waniewski served as Senior Scientist and Lecturer for the Department of Biology at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Lizotte-Waniewski’s research interests include natural antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, the binding properties and activities of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases, and the evolution of activity and mechanism of action of bacterial glycosyltransferase family 6 proteins and their impact on the human-commensal bacteria relationship.

Dr. Lizotte-Waniewski is also involved in creating innovative medical curricular materials for the first-year and second-year medical students including a tailored wellness initiative. In this capacity, she directs the “Healthfirst” Health and Wellness Initiative for the college, which encompasses the academic, mental, and physical health of the college’s medical students in a holistic approach to success. The program is designed to include three primary wellness pillars including nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness training focused on stress management. Within each wellness pillar, curricular components, internal educational activities and external events are provided to create a culture that embraces holistic well-being within the college and extends to the community.

Last Modified 4/25/18