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The Office for Diversity and Inclusion

 Diversity and inclusion are core values of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. We believe diversity and inclusion are driving forces and indicators of excellence and innovation in academic medicine. The purpose of our office is to create programs and an environment that will promote the development and success of our diverse students, faculty, staff and community. 


  • Support and promote diversity and inclusiveness
  • Create a health workforce of physicians and scientists capable of delivering high-quality, equitable health care to all Americans and capable of eliminating health disparities, not only in our local communities but globally as well. 
  • Create programs and policies to not only ensure the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity, but also the cognitive diversity of its students, faculty and staff. Diversity goes beyond race and ethnicity and also includes factors such as gender, educational background, individual achievement, research experience, non-traditional academic backgrounds, socioeconomic disadvantage, and other life adversity. 

Cultural Competency in Medical Education

In alignment with the Association of American Medical Colleges, we define cultural competence in health care as “combining the tenets of patient/family-centered care with an understanding of the social and cultural influences that affect the quality of medical services and treatment”. The goals of our cultural competency curriculum are for students to: 1) demonstrate an understanding of how patients’ cultures and belief systems impact their experience of health and illness as well as their interaction with the health care system; and 2) demonstrate the capacity to provide patient/family-centered care to individuals from backgrounds different than his/her own in a respectful, compassionate and professional manner.

The cultural competency curriculum has been developed in partnership with the following campus and community partners: FAU LGBTQA Resource Center and Boca Raton Museum of Art 

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership and Staff

  • Julie C. Servoss, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Associate Professor of Clinical Biomedical Science, 561-297-4133
  • Nirmala Prakash, PhD, Research Assistant Professor & Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusion, 407-733-5824
  • Alicia Rootes, Program Specialist, Diversity and Inclusion, 561-297-4816


Watch Enhancing Institutional Culture and Climate for LGBT and DSD Populations on AAMC Today

Last Modified 11/8/16