MCAT Preparation

Coaching students to increase their MCAT scores is another key feature of the Medical Post Baccalaureate Program. Unlike other programs that take an intensive, cram-course approach to MCAT preparation, this program takes an extensive and integrated approach to preparing for this decisive criteria for medical school admission. It is integrative so that it optimizes each student’s unique learning style and study strategy, and emphasizes mastery of test-taking techniques and critical reasoning, in addition to providing an extensive review of all areas of the MCAT. The MCAT training will prepare the students to take the MCAT by the end of the first semester.

The following focus points will be covered in the preparation for the MCAT:

  • Biochemistry Primer
  • Psychology/Sociology Primer
  • CARS Primer
  • Feedback on individual areas of strengths/weaknesses
  • Individual assistance from professional test preparation staff

Last Modified 11/14/19