Top Ten Reasons for Applying to the Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program

1. The Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program is designed as a career enhancer for students who did not get an acceptance into medical school because they may be lacking one or more key prerequisites. By augmenting your skills, experiences and strengths, you will become a more competitive candidate.

2. The Program will provide a comprehensive curriculum that will assist prospective medical students in their professional and personal growth, with the ultimate aim of improving their opportunities for acceptance into a Medical School or additional healthcare career opportunities.

3. The medical postbac program is offering medical school level courses taught with the same established curriculum used to teach the medical students. These four medical school level courses will appear on your transcripts, and provide you with the ability to demonstrate their course proficiency and time management to prospective admissions officers.

4. By exposing you to the rigors of advanced research, the student you will have the opportunity to discover the world of clinical research. Working with world-renowned research institutes you will be hands on in a research environment, and be expected to produce an abstract for submission for peer review with the assistance of the research faculty.

5. An important emphasis of the MCAT is directed towards the synthesis and transformation of ideas. Additional individualized training will be directed towards applying sound testing techniques as well as cognitive learning and transformational techniques to apply to your MCAT exam.

6. You will participate in personal skills development, including planning, communications (written and oral – including preparation for interviewing and interviewing skills enhancement), leadership, time management, collaboration, brainstorming and teamwork. Admission reviewers are looking for depth of character and maturity as well as breathe of qualifications. These invaluable life skills will enhance you personally regardless of your final career choices.

7. The medical postbac program has established volunteer opportunities with a variety of clinics and agencies that will afford you the opportunity to meet and interact directly with patients. Medical schools seek candidates that will relate to patients in an empathetic manner. Understanding patient issues, recognizing the importance of good communications, and having experience with diverse populations are key ingredients to developing patient relationships.

8. The medical postbac program will provide you with the opportunity to become facilitators in the advanced use of simulation training for medical students. This opportunity will introduce you to a variety of medical scenarios, and develop the understanding and importance of good history and physical assessment techniques. The facilitator’s role is both standardized patient (they are the remote voice for the mannequins) as well as directing the logical paths the scenarios will follow.

9. You will have the opportunity to participate as Standardized Patients. These roles facilitate the medical school student’s interaction with patients in a controlled, orchestrated environment. By interacting with the medical students, you will learn the techniques for appropriate patient/doctor communications and interaction.

10. At the successful completion of the first semester, you are guaranteed an interview with the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine.

Last Modified 10/25/19