Pathways in Community Volunteerism

Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program students will complete volunteer work at multiple venues in Palm Beach County; the clinics of the Palm Beach County focusing on variety of wellness and disability centers, Caridad (health services serving minorities and transient workers), TrustBridge (hospice location), and other opportunities that will provide meaningful opportunities to learn empathy, pathos and altruism. These elements are the hallmarks of character that medical schools covet.  Students will be exposed to various clinical experiences with children, pregnant women, adults and senior patients who receive medical care at these locations. Students will also acquire experience dealing with a population from a limited socioeconomic status, with decreased literacy level and/or limited English-proficiency, all of which may create barriers of access to adequate medical care.  As a result, students will be able recognize the importance of good communication and disease prevention, which will result in better health outcomes. Volunteer opportunities, which will be available at TrustBridge/Hospice, provide the students with another unique opportunity to interact with patients. The students will receive training to prepare them for patient and family care services. The students will be asked to keep a personal journal, recording thoughts and impressions as they reflect on their experiences. Debriefings will occur at the end of all sessions, summarizing how the experiences have altered our biases, or enriched our understandings of the difficulties that effect people with disabilities or socioeconomic issues. These experiences will be incorporated into personal statements and will be used to prepare for interview questions as well.

Last Modified 11/14/19