Dr. Li's Research

 Over the past nearly 30 years, Dr. Li has been leading a variety of research projects in molecular biology, genomics and microbiology. Working with Dr. Murray Deutscher previously, Dr. Li has made significant contribution to the understanding of RNA metabolism in Escherichia coli. His own laboratory at Florida Atlantic University has been focusing on studies of RNA oxidation damage and molecular mechanisms for elimination of oxidized RNA and for protecting cells and organisms under oxidative stress. RNA damage occurs at much higher levels than that of DNA under oxidative stress (OS) and in patients with age-related diseases. He has developed genomics and computational approaches to study genes, RNA transcripts and enzymes that are important for RNA metabolism that are related to health related problems ranging from bacterial infection to neurodegeneration. His research has been funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Department of Defense, as well as by private companies.

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Last Modified 9/13/18