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Student Research Opportunities

There are various research opportunities available to FAU medical students during the summer and throughout the year. We have organized the process into three platforms: fast track, specialty and external. Explore the Mentors and Projects in the platforms to learn about available opportunities and expectations.Please contact Melanie Weiss, 561-297-4557,, with any questions.

FAST TRACK: An existing project with regulatory approvals in place, relatively easy for students to get started.  Fast track application information will be emailed out to M1 students around the end of January. 

Select a fast track below to read more:

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Joseph Ouslander
Program Contact: Dr. Gabriella Engstrom 561-297-3188,

Summer opportunities are available for FAU medical students interested in participating in research in the areas of geriatric medicine and gerontology. Potential projects are outlined and the students are guided to formulate research questions. Students are expected to attend group meetings and present a poster on Research Day. Slots are available for up to 4 students. A half-time commitment (approx. 20 hrs per week) for approximately 8 weeks is expected.

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Janet Robishaw
Program Contact: Melanie Weiss 561-297-4557,

The Department of Biomedical Science (BMS) has summer research opportunities available for FAU medical students interested in a basic science and/or translational research experience. Students will be matched with a mentor, based on research interests. Students are expected to participate in journal club, give an oral presentation at program end, and present a poster on Research Day. Slots are available for up to 6 students. A full time commitment of approximately 40 hours per week for 8 weeks is expected. Students can explore the different areas of research on the CoM website

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Charles H. Hennekens
Program Contact: Melanie Weiss 561-297-4557,

In collaboration with David L. DeMets, PhD, Halperin Professor, Univ of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, Robert S. Levine, MD, Adjunct Professor, Baylor College of Medicine & Marc A. Pfeffer, MD, PhD, Dzau Professor, Harvard Medical School, we will continue to provide oversight to enhance the scholarship and research in epidemiology of FAU CoM students, residents, and faculty.  Our goals include publishing collaboratively peer-reviewed, original research manuscripts and commentaries as well as preparing and presenting abstracts for local and national scientific meetings.  We have access to the CDC Wonder database as well as data from the Robert Wood Johnson County Rankings and Roadmaps, American Community Survey, Texas Tech University Exposome Project, and the Kaiser Health Foundation. Currently not accepting new students for summer 2020.

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Anton Borja, Director, FAU Institute for Integrative Health

Program Contact: Dr. Joanne Krasnoff 561-297-1027,

Integrative health care involves the use of both conventional and complementary therapies with a holistic, patient-centered approach. We have research opportunities for students to participate in multiple Integrative Health projects. Students are expected to attend regular group meetings, give an oral presentation at the end of the program and present a poster at the FAU Research Day. A full-time commitment of 40 hours per week for 8 weeks is expected. Up to 6 slots are available.

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Janet Robishaw
Program Contact: Melanie Weiss 561-297-4557,

Recent technological advancements are improving our understanding of how genomic differences among patients affect their susceptibility to common diseases and treatment responses. In the near future, the practice of medicine will follow a more personalized approach utilizing the genomic characteristics of individual patients. We have research opportunities available for students to work on a pilot project. 1-2 slots are available.

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Nirmala Prakash 561-297-4393,
Program Contact: Alicia Rootes 561-297-4816,

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) offers scholarship and research opportunities during the academic year as well as summer. Projects are determined collaboratively with D & I and community partners. Students may work independently, with a partner or in a small group. Time commitment is dependent on scope of project. Projects are varied and may involve leading Community-Based Participatory Research initiatives or analyzing data already collected. Project timelines and deliverables will be determined collaboratively.

Scholarship Topics include:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

  • Disability
  • Healthcare Careers Outreach Program (HCOP)
  • Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence/Violence

  • LGBTQ+ Health


Academic Year projects may involve analyzing data from our outreach programs including HCOP and HCOP Bridge to Medicine or the medical student may propose an independent research project focused on a topic area of interest to them. Summer Research projects are available via COM’s Service Learning Program (SLP) for M2s. Select community organizations offer Summer Research to the medical students assigned to them for their fall semester SLP project. 

Community partners include:

  • American Association of Caregiving Youth
  • Karen Slattery Educational Research Center for Child Development
  • KidSafe
  • Palm Health Foundation
  • Stand Among Friends

Faculty Oversight and Program Contact: Dr. Ximena Levy 561-297-1348,

This track is designed to evaluate patient outcomes to bridge the gap between an infinite amount of treatment strategies available and the description of clinically and cost-effective treatments for substance abuse.  Students involved in this platform will develop simulation models that will allow them to evaluate interventions and treatment options before designing and conducting observational or experimental projects.  An additional objective of this research platform will be to integrate different disciplines available at FAU in order to conduct evaluations of the opioid addiction issues in our socio-demographic and economic environment based on decision analysis and real-world data. 1-2 slots are available.

SPECIALTY TRACK These are typically opportunities mentored by FAU affiliate faculty. Check OwlMed for the link to view opportunity details.

EXTERNAL TRACK: Other projects conducted at external academic sites or hospitals.  Students need to follow all training and regulatory requirements from the institution at which they are participating in research.

M1 students will receive information regarding the stipend application via email around Jan/Feb 2020.

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