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Neurology Residency Program Class of 2018-2022

Asia Filatov, MD
Neurology Resident

Dr. Filatov is a graduate of the Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine. Dr. Filatov obtained a B.S. in Biology from Stony Brook University and an MBA from Plymouth State University. She is also a candidate for PhD from Walden University.

Fawzi Hindi, MD
Neurology Resident

Dr. Hindi is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, where he received the prestigious Dean's Full-Merit Scholarship. During medical school, Dr. Fawzi was recognized and honored by his peers for "Excellence in Collaborative Learning." Prior to medical school, Dr. Hindi obtained a B.A. in Philosophy from George Washington University, where he was elected into the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Pamraj Sharma, MD
Neurology Resident

Dr. Sharma is a graduate of the American University of Antigua College of Medicine. Prior to medical school, Dr. Sharma obtained a B.S. in Biological Sciences – Zoology from the University of Calgary.

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