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Psychiatry Residency Curriculum



Orientation Seminar 

Faculty: Drs. Newcomer, Goldman, Sharma

Seminar will cover the basic elements to transition from medical student to psychiatric resident. Key topics will include the psychiatric interview, diagnosis, record keeping and an introduction to pharmacology. It will include an overview of systems and levels of care, the mental health team and collaboration with non-psychiatric professionals.

Weekly for 90 minutes for 12 sessions.


Foundations of Psychiatry 1 

Faculty: Drs. Newcomer, Goldman, Sharma

Topics will include integrative neurobiological development, overview of the neurological/psychiatric interface, gerontological psychiatry and substance abuse. Principles of psychotherapy and research methodologies will complete the year. 

Weekly for 60 minutes for 40 weeks.


Principles of Assessment 1 

Faculty: Dr. Goldman

Topics will include more detailed instruction in interviewing, differential diagnosis, specifically DSM 5, neurological examination, imaging, EEG, psychological/neuropsychological testing, and genetic assessment.

Weekly for 60 minutes for 40 weeks.



Foundations of Psychiatry 2 

Faculty: Drs. Newcomer and Goldman

Topics will include ethics, cultural/spiritual/gender considerations/competence, quality improvement and critically reviewing literature. It will include an introduction to resident as educator and exploration of scholarship in psychiatry. Topics in personal and professional development will be interspersed throughout the course.

Weekly for 60 minutes for 40 weeks.


Models of the Mind/Understanding 

Faculty: Dr. Extein

Development, DSM 5/psychopathology in the first half of the year, followed by psychodynamic, cognitive- behavioral, and narrative frameworks of understanding. Detailed, multi-dimensional case formulation will be emphasized as the course progresses.

Weekly for 60 minutes for 40 weeks.


Models of Intervention 

Faculty: Drs. Strassnig and Goldman

This seminar will begin with a review of neurobiology and then proceed to an in-depth psychopharmacology block linked to the psychopathology presented in seminar 05. The second half of the year will focus on psychotherapy applications, specifically cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic approaches. Clinical case materials will be presented primarily by the residents, supplemented by staff presentations integrating seminar 05 and 06. In every phase of the course emphasis will be on the evidence base of current interventions and the challenges to deliver this in a clinically and cost effective manner. 

Weekly for 90 minutes for 40 weeks. (30 minutes cases each week.) 



Foundations of Psychiatry 3 

Faculty: Dr. Extein 

This advanced course will build on the foundations of prior years and cover principles of Consultation-Liaison/Medical, Child and Adolescent, Forensic, Substance Abuse and Human Sexuality. It will be designed to integrate with Models of Intervention 3 seminar and some topics may extend to the full 120 minutes allotted for the two seminars. Topics in professional/personal development will be interspersed through the year. 

Weekly for 60 minutes for 40 weeks. 


Models of Intervention 3 

Faculty: Dr. Strassnig 

This seminar will cover advanced topics in psychopharmacology, other somatic therapies (ECT, Magnetic Resonance) and non-traditional approaches to mental health care. It will include blocks on Consultation-liaison, Child and Adolescent, Forensic and Substance care as well as explore the adaption of care to the needs of select populations (LGBT, immigrants etc.). 

Weekly for 60 minutes for 40 weeks.


Advanced topics in Psychotherapy

Faculty: Drs. Extein and Goldman 

This seminar will build upon the foundational experiences and knowledge of the residents in the individual therapies and extend it to other contexts. It will cover manual based therapies, dialectical behavior therapy, advanced topics in psychodynamic care, couple, family and group therapies. 

Weekly 60 minutes 40 weeks. 



Integration Seminar 

Faculty: Drs. Raele and Sharma

Contemporary clinical practice must integrate current, multi-modal evidence based care into a clinical framework that can be applied to the full range of work environments and delivered in a clinical and cost effective manner. This seminar will use a case based approach, to help residents develop the pragmatic skills they need for today's workplace. 

Weekly for 60 minutes for 30 weeks.


Transition to Practice 

Faculty: Dr. Holland

This seminar will begin with exploring the range of practice opportunities for today’s graduate. It will include psychiatrist as educator as well as components of setting up a practice, medical economics and challenges as graduates move out into the market place. It includes a structured review to help prepare for board examinations.

Weekly for 60 minutes for 40 weeks.


Morbidity and Mortality Conference 

Faculty: Dr. Goldman

Department-wide conference with residents or staff presenting 1-2 cases with morbidity or mortality elements during the most recent time period. In addition to its quality improvement functions it will serve to showcase critical thinking and professionalism.

Monthly 60 minutes

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