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Strategic Plan Development Commonly Asked Questions


Q. What are the goals of the strategic planning effort?

A. The goal of the strategic plan is to establish a relevant and realizable vision for the future of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. Through robust engagement of the College of Medicine and greater FAU community, we will build an understanding of shared goals and concerns for the college. We will also analyze the institution’s broader operating context, considering how external factors may present opportunities or otherwise guide our strategic opportunities. We will ultimately identify a clear strategic direction for the College of Medicine, a set of focus areas that will carry us in that direction, and several objectives that will help us realize each of those focus areas. This strategic planning process will involve making careful, well-informed choices about which potential opportunities the institution ought to pursue, in order to position itself for excellence and sustainability.


Q. Why now?

A. The College of Medicine is at a critical phase of its development. Now that we have secured full accreditation from LCME, we as a community have the opportunity to reflect on what makes the College of Medicine distinctive, what values unite us, and how the college will grow in the coming years. Through this strategic plan, we will chart an actionable course that propels the College of Medicine into the future.


Q. Who is on the Steering Committee for the strategic planning effort?

A. The members of the Steering Committee can be found here. The Steering Committee is a working group that includes representation from faculty, staff, and students. A primary charge of the committee is to engage the broader College of Medicine community to receive input and feedback that will inform our plans. We also anticipate that there will be opportunities for several others to contribute to the Steering Committee’s efforts as subcommittees are formed to execute various tasks. 


Q. What opportunities will I have to contribute to the strategic planning effort?

A. Members of the College of Medicine community will have multiple opportunities to contribute to the strategic planning process.

  • The strategic planning website includes a page where any member of the College of Medicine community can contribute ideas, aspirations, or concerns for the College, as well as any thoughts about the strategic planning process itself.
  • In June, an online survey will be distributed widely to College of Medicine stakeholders. Individuals will be invited to provide input that will help inform a vision for the College.
  • Later this summer, members of the Steering Committee will lead focus groups with College of Medicine stakeholders including faculty, staff, trainees, and students.
  • Once a preliminary draft strategic plan is developed, a Town Hall meeting will be held in the Fall as an open forum for the community to provide feedback on the draft.


Q. When will the results of the strategic planning process become public?

A. The plan will be finalized and announced to the public in November 2017 and will inform the construction of next year’s budget. There will also be a “Town Hall” open forum in September or October 2017 when a draft version of the plan will be presented for feedback from the College of Medicine community.


Last Modified 6/2/17