FAU Office for Students with Disabilities

Request for Accommodation

Students with a documented disability and enrolled students who believe they have a disability, who request accommodations, have the responsibility for documenting the disability and the need for accommodations. Such students should make an appointment with the FAU Office for Students with Disabilities.

The OSD provides students with disabilities the services and accommodations needed within the framework of these Technical Standards to successfully participate in the full academic program of the FAU College of Medicine. If requested, the OSD will assist enrolled students in identifying professional resources available to make an assessment and a recommendation for accommodations. The cost of that assessment is the responsibility of the student. Documentation of the disability should be submitted to the OSD. Students must register with the OSD to receive authorized academic Support Services. An OSD representative will collaborate with the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and Clinical Affairs to insure that the requested accommodations are reasonable within the structure and goals of the curriculum.


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