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MD/MBA and MD/MHA Dual Degree Programs

Go Beyond Clinical Care

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, there is a critical need for medical physicians to fulfill managerial and leadership roles within their respective organizations. The Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine has recognized this vital demand by partnering with the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University to offer two dual degree programs: a master of business administration (MD/MBA) and a master of health administration (MD/MHA).

The objective of the dual degree programs is to provide future physicians with expertise in management and leadership to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare system.

Tuition for the MBA and MHA components of the dual degree programs is based on an hourly credit rate set by the College of Business and does not differ based on Florida residency status.


MD students who have been accepted or currently matriculated in the Schmidt College of Medicine will be offered conditional admission to the dual MD/MBA or MD/MHA program, provided they maintain the required program standards for the MD program and receive approval from the College of Medicine’s Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Admissions. The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) will be waived for medical students applying to a dual program. Interested students are encouraged to apply to a dual program at least four weeks prior to the semester in which they plan to take business classes. A minimum of 30 credits must be taken for the MBA or MHA dual degree programs.


For the dual MD/MBA, the College of Business classifies the MD portion as a concentration within the MBA program. Students entering the MBA program without the Finance and Accounting prerequisites must earn 36 credits. Prerequisites may be waived for students who earned an undergraduate business degree with a previous grade of “B” or better in the following courses:

  • ACG 6027 Financial Accounting Concepts
  • FIN 6406 Corporate Financial Management


For the dual MD/MHA, The Office of Student Affairs and Admissions at the Schmidt College of Medicine will assist with the admission process by coordinating with the Office of Executive Programs in the College of Business. There are no prerequisites for the MHA program.

Application Process

First-year medical students may start the application process at the end of the first semester of medical school. Second, third and fourth-year medical students are encouraged to start the application process at least four weeks prior to the semester in which they would like to take business classes.

Students must schedule a meeting with one of the College of Medicine’s Student Affairs Deans. Medical Students will review their potential pathways and receive approval to apply from the Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Affairs will complete and send an approval form to the College of Business’ Admissions Coordinator to begin the official MBA or MHA application process.

Students must submit the College of Business Admissions MD/MBA or MD/MHA Review Sheet, a letter of intent, and their CV to the College of Business.

The College of Business will review the application packet and secure approvals from the College of Medicine’s Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions and the College of Business’ Associate Dean for Student Services & International Programs.

Student can then begin the registration process with the Admissions Coordinator and begin taking classes*. 

*The earliest that first-year medical students can begin classes is in the summer between first and second-year. The rest of the schedule will be determined on an individual basis with the Student Affairs Deans. It will be based on their medical school performance and progress.  Please contact our staff for more information about the FAU MD/MBA or MD/MHA dual degree program.

Please contact our staff for more information about the FAU MD/MBA or MD/MHA dual degree program.


Please include MD/MBA or MD/MHA dual Degree in the subject line of your email.

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