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Ph.D. Degree in Integrative Biology

The FAU Ph.D. degree program in Integrative Biology, which began in the fall of 2003, allows students to pursue career goals in a wide -range of dynamic fields ranging from biomedical science through marine biology.

The Biomedical Science (IBBS) track of the Integrated Biology Ph.D. program, housed in the FAU Charles. E Schmidt College of Medicine, is designed to provide students with the advanced knowledge and hands-on learning experience they need to achieve success in the growing biomedical science field by combining innovative study programs with state-of-the-art research opportunities.

The IBBS Ph.D. Program provides students with a diverse array of hand-on research training and thesis opportunities in a wide-variety of emerging biomedical science areas including: Human Genetics and Genomics; Precision Medicine; Cancer Biology and Prevention; Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Disease; HIV/AIDS Mechanisms and Treatments; Respiratory Physiology and Biophysics; Visual Biology and Diseases; Breast Cancer Mechanisms and Therapy; Huntington’s Disease Mechanisms; Alzheimer’s Disease Mechanisms and Therapy; Vaccine Development; Osteoarthritis Prevention and Treatment; Prostate Cancer Mechanisms; Cardiac Physiology and Disease; Childhood Malaria Mechanisms and more.

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Specialized Areas for Research Include:

Genetics, Genomics and Precision Medicine

Stem Cell Biology and Cellular Programming

Cancer Biology and Targeted Therapy

Visual Biology and Diseases

Computational and Systems Biology

Global Health and Epidemiology


Dr. Dawn Sherling

IBBS-Ph.D. Program FAU Partners Include:

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