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Program Mission and Approach

The mission of the HealthFirst Health and Wellness Initiative is to promote an evidence-based wellness-centered, holistic approach to medical student success through curricular innovations, kinesthetic experiences and community engagement. The overarching goal is to facilitate a pervasive culture of well-being through the education of future doctors in wellness best practices for themselves, their future patients and the community. To this end, we have design a tripartite approach to integrating wellness elements under the pillars of exercise, nutrition and stress-management.

The HealthFirst Initiative approach is to include activities that have three primary targets: the curriculum, the culture and the community through engagement.

Community Engagement

As the name, HealthFirst implies, we feel strongly that maintaining good health should be the first priority of everyone – not only in the medical school and at the University, but also within the community at large.


Wellness Charter - Physician Well-Being

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