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Teaching Hospitals 

The FAU Emergency Medicine Residency is centered around three major area hospitals that have come together to collaborate to form the basis for high quality clinical training for a number of graduate medical education programs. The goal is to provide our residents and students with a comprehensive array of outstanding clinical services.

  • Bethesda Hospital East

    Bethesda Hospital East is a community-based, not-for-profit hospital located in Boynton Beach offering a full array of healthcare services.

    • 58,000 annual ED visits
    • 27% pediatric visits
    • 17% admission rate
    • 401 hospital beds
    • 43 ED beds

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    Delray Medical Center

    Delray Medical Center offers a wide range of specialized services, including emergency care, cardiovascular care, a comprehensive stroke center, and psychiatric services.

    • Level I Trauma Center
    • 53,252 annual ED visits
    • 8% pediatric visits
    • 39% admission rate
    • 493 hospital beds
    • 48 ED beds

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    St Mary's Medical Center & Palm Beach Children's Hospital

    St. Mary’s Medical Center provides comprehensive medical care for adults and children, as well as community education and outreach. Its dedicated Children’s Hospital offers a wide array of specialized services, including a pediatric trauma center and pediatric emergency department. St. Mary’s other services include Level I trauma, a comprehensive stroke center, orthopedics, mental healthcare, and obstetrics.

    • Level I Trauma Center
    • 70,000 annual ED visits
    • 40% pediatric visits
    • 15% admission rate
    • 463 hospital beds
    • 36 ED beds

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    Last Modified 6/17/22